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MichaelDigital, post: 211271 wrote:
Let me clarify my use of the term ‘xenophobes’ – I was not in fact directing it at anyone specifically – it has been my experience that there is a lot fear mongering being applied to AliBaba – in many forums and places about the web – and much of it is completely unfounded, of course ‘due diligence’ is essential for any marketplace – eBay & Amazon included – so I was referring to this more than anything – people may take offence at lots of things, but we still live in a free society and free speech is one of those rights I choose to exercise – and no offence was intended.
This link may be of use to the OP to investigate Disney licensing

Ok, honestly, i am just a little bewildered.

Free speech is awesome, as long as its relevant, and not saying yours isnt just i have seen in many forums and in many places it being used inappropriately and irrelevantly to a topic which wipes out all merit of the person trying to exhibit said free speech.

Your Disney link is great, it outlines how difficult it can be to become a licensee.. Well, on the surface it shows what needs to be upheld but i reckon there would be many many other hurdles imposed to obtain these sorts of licenses such as MOQ’s. sales amounts, marketing revenues and the likes.

Be well and speak soon

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