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Kelly Exeter FS Editor
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Hey Naomi – yes I wrote it myself … but then I’m a writer!

With your about page, your Copywriter has done a great job using storytelling to create engaging copy for that page. Some tweaks I would suggest:

1. Start off with something that is all about the person reading and then,
2. Segue into the story about your product.
3. (This is a little counterintuitive but) take as much of yourself out of your story as you can and turn it back around to the reader.

Something along the lines of:

Hey there! If you’re here then it’s likely you’re a health-conscious parent looking for dinnerware for your kids that is not just safe and free from toxins, but also environmentally friendly and sustainable.

That was certainly the position I found myself in when my little boy started eating solids. It was around that time that I began to consciously minimise his exposure to toxins and plastics so I started searching for affordable natural dinnerware. I was also pretty keen for some stylish options too!

Nothing within my budget seemed good enough so one day during mealtime the idea hit me.

What if I could create quality, plastic-free eco-conscious dinnerware – that actually looks chic, instead of the usual kiddie prints? Could I put something unique on the market that everyday parents could afford?

That’s the short story of how BoBo&Boo was born.

Specially created for parents who are becoming more aware of the need to limit the amount of plastics we’re exposing our kids’ little, growing bodies to, BoBo&Boo’s simple contemporary children’s dinnerware is 100% biodegradable and made from bamboo.

*** A little bit of ‘why bamboo’

Then finish up with something about the person reading rather than something salesy. Maybe an invitation to come join your community on Facebook/join your email list (but offer them something tangible to join like a free factsheet)