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Yes, the more I am engaged with business, and the older I get the more it seems obvious to me that people, relationships are key to all business dealings (!)

I came on a recent study by the Carnegie center, it found that 85% of your ‘earning potential’ is down to the people skills you have (& the opposite is also true)
As a student and practitioner of marketing, mainly online, I can suggest claiming your Google+ (places) listing and thoroughly filling out your business details, this will give your business a big chance of appearing at top of page 1 on Google searches in the ‘7 pack’, you mentioned local directories but not the big “G” itself. It is free and powerful.
Also doing Facebook ‘right’ can provide surprising results – a lot of Australian business people take a look at Facebook, and give up too soon, and do not get to know how to use it properly – then they say : ‘Facebook is a dead loss’. Nope it is not.
So yes, I applaud the preceding advice, but add those items, I have more, but that suffices for on here.