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Will @ ABB
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bb1, post: 211245 wrote:
500 flyers cost less than $30.00, 3 afternoons work to drop, for 7 clients, if thats a lot of money, than I am not sure what you are looking for. I suspect your adwords campaign will be a fair bit more than that.

Sorry, might have misinterpreted you in your first post – I thought you meant 500 flyers each afternoon (1500 total) which on top of more cost for flyers, sounded like a lot of time to deliver and also a much lower success rate (7/1500 or 0.0046%).

Also, I more meant that I assume you had a lot better success because you knew where small business owners resided – apologies for the confusion.

So I guess to re-phrase, do you have any ideas on how I could locate a good area (rich in small business owners) to target in a letter drop?

Thanks again