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bb1, post: 211240 wrote:
I know its a bit old fasioned, but a couple of years ago I helped a start up book keeping business on an extremely tight budget, and we made up a batch of flyers, and did some very targeted letter box drops.

I was lucky in as far as I knew the streets where a lot of small business owners would reside, and we only targeted those streets. Three afternoon runs of about 500 flyers and within about 3 months 7 good clients, Ok it was very careful targetting, but it worked. When asked why, the response was that no one had approached it that way, they had been thinking about getting a book keeper, and when it was put in their hands all they had to do was pick up the telephone. when was this? What was on the flyer? How many calls did your friend get?

If this worked for me mark my words I would be letter dropping every single weekend.