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Hi Will,

I think that you should also look at building credibility – and this in turn can and will bring in clients. A great place to start is with blogging. Especially if you are using AdWords or even Facebook ads to drive people to your website.

These days people don’t go to a website just to see what you do. They want to know why they should do business with you. What can they get from you? Are you the same as any other book keeper? What is your point of difference? Set up a blog on your website. Write about some things that could help small business with their bookkeeping. Or even other accounting related things, or small business topics that you have a healthy knowledge of. This way when people go to your website after clicking on your ad, they are reading about how knowledgeable you are AND what services you offer – how relevant you are to what they need. Blogging also helps with SEO – but that is another matter all together that an SEO expert can help with.

I’m not saying you need to continue with your AdWords campaign for blogging to work. If anything, the opposite is true. You might not need to do as many ads because your website ranks higher on a localised search.

But as others mentioned, build relationships! Relationships are key! Network with small business owners and you might just find yourself some new clients, new friends and new possibilities!