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Will @ ABB
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MichaelDigital, post: 211268 wrote:
Will @ ABB, post: 211242 wrote:
I do like the idea of flyers direct to the business owner but I guess the problem is in identifying where that target market is. It does sound like a lot of time and money to find a needle in a haystack. Any thoughts on how to better target business owners directly?[/QU

Since you did not respond to my answer, or perhaps I was too subtle for you…have you indeed set up your G+ listing? Another method is direct mail – depending on how much you have to invest, using “Lumpy mail” – have you heard of ‘lumpy mail’?

Hi Michael,

Sorry was struggling to keep up with forum responses yesterday – no issue with subtlety. Yeah I do have our Google+ listing setup as well as a Facebook page (still working on getting it all looking a bit more presentable though).

I haven’t heard of lumpy mail – I will definitely have a look into it now though. Thanks for the suggestion!