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And there it is… the problem that all low income people have when starting a new micro business.

I have tried the NEIS scheme twice many years ago, and found it to be useless except for the business course part. I started the business I am in now on my own without even thinking of applying for NEIS and while I had no savings but it is a specialty business that would not suit most people.

Anyway, I can’t help you and probably no one else can either. I found that I had to think of ways of saving and starting my business with no savings which I know is difficult but in the long run is better than being indebted. Unfortunately no-one will lend you money for an unproven microbusiness and it is hard to start a business without money especially as it will generally cost you much more than you think.

Sorry, all that I can offer is, try to think of ways of making your business work casually or part time (if possible) till you build up enough money to go into it fully and without other help. It is all up to you. I know I am being cynical but it is experience from my own struggles.