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Tony Manto
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Forget NEIS….Forget getting loans. This just sucks your time and puts you on the back foot to starting your business. I have found that the biggest reason business owners fail is lack of funds and a good business plan together with a good implementation plan.

I would advice to start small. One client at a time. Shift your focus on how you can get a client and ensure what you have to offer is exceptional. And the rest will come.

These days you don’t need a lot of money for marketing but you do need a lot of time. There are plenty of forums, and social media groups and pages you can populate to gain clients at no money cost but you will need to invest some time. If you absolutely need money today, you may need to get a couple of days a week working for someone while this strategy kicks in.

Having said all that, depending on what you are selling, you may be able to ask for advance payments, giving you the money you need today.