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Tony Manto, post: 211200 wrote:
Forget NEIS….Forget getting loans. This just sucks your time and puts you on the back foot to starting your business. I have found that the biggest reason business owners fail is lack of funds and a good business plan together with a good implementation plan.


I’m confused by this.

you say forget NEIS, but than in the next sentence that small business’s fail because of a lack of good business and implementation plans. My understanding from NEIS is that they assist you with business planning, and all the esentials for building your business plan.

Any skills or knowledge that a small startup can get is a bonus, we should be encouraging people to get the knowledge before they embark on a small business,.

My biggest advise to any startup is to get as much knowledge and understanding of your proposed venture, and that is not only the knowledge of your planned inductry, but of small business in general.

Look at the list below, why would you not recommend these for any potential startup, or even some existing business’s.
The NEIS Program includes:
Introduction to Small Business
Business Planning
Legal & Administrative Requirements
Pricing, Costing & Breakeven
Financial Planning
Operations Plan
Record Keeping


During your 9 months of Income Support, each NEIS business is provided with a business Mentor who has regular contact with you to help ensure your Business will continue in the long-term.