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krug, post: 211300 wrote:
I’ve just completed NEIS training and it was a complete waste of time, even worse than that. If I only new… On paper, they teach you all those things, but in reality, most of it you already know, and the things that you don’t – you’ll need to learn yourself (Google it). The resource book is asking you questions, but not providing answers. The trainer is reading from the book and then asks you to do activities. Don’t bother asking questions; it’s embarrassing. The trainer had a business which failed and then got a job as a NEIS trainer. What do you expect to learn?

But I’ve seen some positive feedback about NEIS before, so some people might benefit.

I’m not quite sure about the NAB loan. I think it’s $3,000, and probably like any loan they will want some guaranty you can repay it back. You’ll also need a good business plan which is promising/convincing, something that you’ve done as part of your NEIS training.

I’m receiving a government payment even though I have a reasonable amount in a savings account and term deposits. The benefit is reduced, not maximum, but still reasonable. So, no you don’t need to use up all your savings. I don’t have a house, so if you do, that might make a difference.

Thanks Krug.

Yes, I’ve heard a LOT of stories like yours – that NEIS is not all its cracked up to be, mentors that did next to nothing to support the candidate, horrible training, etc. But i’d still like to give it a go because of the training component, which, hopefully, i’ll learn at least something valuable.