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erthling, post: 211424 wrote:
Thanks Krug.

Yes, I’ve heard a LOT of stories like yours – that NEIS is not all its cracked up to be, mentors that did next to nothing to support the candidate, horrible training, etc. But i’d still like to give it a go because of the training component, which, hopefully, i’ll learn at least something valuable.


As I said, some people did find NEIS program useful, so you might as well. But I’m not sure about the training that you expect. My understanding is that you’ve completed the first part (training), which is in your case Certificate III in Microbusiness operations. Now you need your business plan to be approved by NEIS provider, to be accepted into the second stage – NEIS Assistance. There is no more training, only a monthly phone call to check your progress.

And if you get NEIS Assistance, your business can make as much money as you like (presumably money stays in business) and you can make extra money from any other work up to a limit (I think equal to your NEIS payment), but this is per quarter, so if you go over even $1, your NEIS payment for the next quarter will be $0.

As for your other post, I might as well comment it here. It looks good to me, but it all depends on your family/friends. Sometimes it might be a good idea to say how much you need (roughly, not exactly) and what you are going to spend money on, i.e. how this money will enable you to start the business. Even better, a letter supporting your business plan from a relevant person. Again, if your family/friends know you well and trust you, this may not be necessary.