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If you are considering an unlimited plan please ensure you read the T&C’s.
They can exclude them from being used as a outbound call center solution and I know people who have been picked up on this one.

Please note SIP Trunks (a VoIP thing) typically cost per channel.
You need a channel for every concurrent call you will be making.
I can set you up with one that has no cost per channel, that will help you save some money. Then for the lowest cost then I can help set you up with as many phones as you like and you only have to pay for the calls you make. The cost here varies on your volume.

Is that 50-100 calls per day/week or month? How long do you expect the calls to be?

If you need a more advanced systems typically used by call centers then I can help there too.

If you would like to know more and get some pricing please PM me or call me on 1300 887 863 and ask for me Gizmo.