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John Debrincat
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March, post: 211204 wrote:
eBay integration and automation is the big one and of course ease of use

Whats important to me is the ability to synch from my web site to eBay and viseversa with stock numbers for any given item and 1 site listing and management etc (ease of use)

If I have 5 items in total of a SKU both showing on the website and on eBay and I sell 1 from say the website I want the stock numbers to change automatically on eBay? A better example is if I have 1 left and sell that one from the website will these eBay programs that many of these companies offer make it zero quantity on eBay automatically or do I have to do this manually myself? and this is also viseversa if sold from eBay will their offerings change the numbers on the websites automatically


Hello March,

I can only really answer the question for you based on our solution at eCorner.

So let me summarise and also provide a link to more information and a video we did with eBay.

eBay information for eCorner:

  1. You can connect one or multiple eBay accounts and eBay stores to the online store
  2. eBay integration is included in CloudMerchant Packages and higher.
  3. There is no limit to eBay listing sent from the online store
  4. There are two ways to manage stock: one – reduce stock in the online store when a listing is sent to eBay; or two – reduce stock in the online store when a order is made at eBay. (NOTE: sales in the online store do not automatically update the stick in listings on eBay).
  5. You can export an eParcel CSV file for orders
  6. You can get more information at the eBay FAQ on our website and you find links there to further information to download and videos.
  7. Orders from eBay come back to the online store and create an order and customer there so you can remarket to those eBay customers from the store and also do your fulfillment from the store.

Of course there are many other great features all included in the packages.

You can also connect to Amazon, Google Shopping, Getprice, eBay Merchant Centre and also create your own custom product feeds for any other portal.

Most of the add-ons that you pay to include in other solutions you get as part of the package. We also recently announced Xero integration as part of the service.

We don’t charge a percentage of your sales you just pay the fixed monthly fee.

Of course we are Australian based and hosted with our HQ in Gladesville near Sydney. If you are Sydney based you are always welcome to drop by.

Hope that helps but if you would like any follow up questions or a online demonstration let me know.

Hope you find what you are looking for.