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John Debrincat
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March, post: 211329 wrote:
One big sticking point with your ebay offering that I can see is its MANUAL

There are two ways to manage stock: one – reduce stock in the online store when a listing is sent to eBay; or two – reduce stock in the online store when a order is made at eBay. (NOTE: sales in the online store do not automatically update the stick in listings on eBay).


Hi March yes I totally understand what you are saying. Pushing stock level updates back to eBay is harder than setting them originally and we have been looking at it but no short term solution.

It depends a bit in the number of individual items and the volatility.

When you list an item you need to set a stock level for the individual item. If you use the first approach I mentioned then it reserves stock from the online store that has been sent to eBay. When an order from eBay arrives it does not reduce the stock again. So when stock runs out in the store the actual available stock is still on eBay and will be correct.

That is not a perfect solution I know.

You might also want to check Channel Advisor I believe that they do update both ways.

The Professional eBay Sellers (PESA) conference in on 27 – 29 May at the Gold Coast, Qld and there will be plenty of people there that could help.