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March, post: 211329 wrote:
There is the biggest issue for me, your offering is manual based and not automatic or synched and this just makes extra work and if you are down to a stock holding of 1 and sell it from the website and forget to manually remove it from ebay and it sells you are in for issues and visaversa.

Just to say that Magento + M2E Pro does automatically synch within the limits of eBay policy. i.e. you sell an item in Magento, it will reduce the qty in your eBay listing.

However, it’s recommended just to use the M2E Pro rules to list items with qty 2, and then automatically add new listings as those items are sold.

M2E Pro does have an advantage in that it’s subsidised by eBay.

Not the easiest solution to set up, but it does appear to tick your boxes.
There’s several videos online if you want to have a look, or you can pm me and ask to see the demo store I have set up purely for M2E Pro.