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Just had this through on my email, it’s one of the modules installed on my Shopify (site is not live at the moment so haven;t used):

New! Keep your eBay quantity lower than your Shopify/Bigcommerce quantity and still maintain inventory.

Great news! We have just released the ability to separate your eBay and store (currently Shopify and/or Bigcommerce) quantity while still maintaining inventory control on your third party store. We have received a lot of feedback about our store integration and the #1 feature that our customers request is the ability to lower their quantity on eBay compared to their Shopify or Bigcommerce inventory. With our new, separate eBay and store inventory controls you can now accomplish this.

Why would I want this?
There are a several reasons our customers want this. One of the main reasons is due to eBay placing limitations on eBay accounts. eBay may limit the amount of listings and/or quantity that you can put on at a time. With our separate controls, you now have a solution for this. Another reason is to keep scarcity on your eBay channel which can increase sales and buyer urgency. And of course, it allows you to launch Auction format listings which require you to launch with a quantity of 1 (per eBay rules).

How does this option work?
When the separate inventory setting is turned on in your inkFrog Open account, you will notice there are separate fields for your store quantity and your eBay quantity on our listing form. This allows you to lower your eBay quantity prior to launching to eBay. Any sale that is made from eBay will lower (deduct) your Shopify or Bigcommerce store quantity as well as your eBay quantity.
Note, any manual update to your ‘eBay quantity’ will NOT sync back to your store. Your store quantity becomes the master and any manual changes in total/store quantity will need to be updated from within your store directly. Updating your store quantity will also not affect your eBay quantity unless your store quantity goes below your eBay quantity, in which case we will sync the eBay quantity to match your store quantity. (phew!) Only sales from eBay will cause your store inventory to get deducted.

How do I turn this on?
We have made it extremely simple to turn this feature on. Simply visit the ‘Settings–>Store Connector–>Sync Icon (middle icon) in your inkFrog Open account and turn on the option that says “Allow Separate Inventory Quantity On eBay But Still Deduct From Total Store Quantity (BETA)” – (Note, this feature is in BETA so use at your own risk and please provide feedback to us.). See the screenshot below of this option.