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I completely agree with Bert!

I believe it would be best target the market that you are most knowledgable in. This way it would be easier for you to market your app to them, as I’m sure you would already know potential avenues that you can take. Even if it is people to test a beta version of your app.

As with any industry professionals, they all talk. Start with NSW, then look at expanding your territorial reach. What you want to create is ‘sneezers’, i.e., people that will love your app so much that they will be walking advertisements. After you win over the builders market, you already have a leg to stand on and you may be better poised at targeting the legal industry. I’m sure that some of the users from within your builders target market would deal with legal professionals, so you automatically have the possibility of creating testimonials and case studies of how your app has helped the building industry.

Just because a market seems small, it doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile to pursue them. Its about how far your target market will sneeze