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Hi Mark

May I second Jaynes warm welcome :)

Might I clarify, you are a manufacturer (or are having a unique productade for you) and want to get your item into these people? Is this the case?

Can’t get the links now as I am on mobile, although there was a recent post in the forums that talked about this but retailers were coles/woolies. They are similar in a way with regards to you need a unique product that had existing brand awareness and a high demand – most times.

You can sell directly if you are a big supplier otherwise you may need o find an agent (think this is what you mean by 3PL?) although I am not personally sure how this works with these retailers.

Most important thing yo know is you will need to have an extremely sound business with great stock holding, turnaround times, advertising budgets and great cashflow to cover large terms of trade. Almost always, and please I am not trying to sound negative, any deal favours the retailer at this level and can be crippling for smaller operators of you/they are not ready for lil hurdles that could pop up.

Example, let’s say you sell $100k into a large hardware chain and the contract says the box needs to have a blue label on it. If the lie label isn’t there the contract states that they do not need to pay for this til rectified if at all which can delay payment by months whilst you implement a strategy to resolve nationwide :). I know it sounds odd, although I had a close client I was working with that was held up to the sum of $250k and took 18 months to get the funds. That is a worse case scenario, although contingencies need to be known just in case.

Look forward to knowing a little about you should you jump across to the intro yourself section and we are pretty warm and friendly here :) well the others are, the vote is still out on me :)


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