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susanjen, post: 211302 wrote:
I’m planning to setup a small business(online or small store) to sell health products and skin care products. I’ve already registered a company (pty ltd).

Current problem is , how to find the products supplier? I’ve contacted several manufacturer, either no response or declined. Maybe because my business is new, or maybe I haven’t got a real shop yet.

So I need some advice how to get the suppliers? I want the popular brands as Blackmores , Swisse, Sukin, GoatSoap and etc.

Hope Flyingsoso can help me out.

Best Regards

Hi Lisa

Tricky questions… to be honest…

As Axy says, it is a tricky space with licenses required to become a vendor of some and others are large brands (top 2 in Australia i think) that supply specific chains or channels and sometimes to break into these channels is near impossible.

Am not saying, STOP, just saying there may be a few hurdles. Have you contacted them directly by phone? Spoken to state managers of these larger brands to see if there is even an opportunity? The reason i ask these 2 questions is that it will allow you to cut through the reps that say ‘oh no you are too small’ or dont want to work to hard to make it work.. Whereas the State Managers have targets and if there is an opportunity that can be worked with (as they know the models they want to be involved with) they will open up to you…

The challenge you will have is that most big brands want reputable dealers, not saying you are untoward, just they want or prefer established brands. If, for example, you had a NEW CHANNEL of marketing (not internet and web site) meaning a new stream of customers that would generally not be this manufacturers or wholesalers traditional customers you may have a better shot. This is a tricky space though, so you need to be a different seller not just try to finda different angle.. Hope that makes sense, its hard to explain without giving you answers as such.

Other options, dependant on how big you wish to become or will become, is to buy some of these brands from ‘preferred’ retailers when they have there sales.. Trust me, during the sales some of the items they sell are UNDER COST of what you would normally be able to buy them for as a retailer. Dont ask me how, its a long story, but you can benefit and it may help you get going.. Only downside to this is the inability to manage dates.

Just some food for thought.


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