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I guess it all comes down to whether you like country life style or not.

If you like it then there are obvious benefits living in a country – close knitted community feel, low cost of living expenses, less pollution, less traffic congestion etc…

Initially it may be too much travel but as you grow your business you will find a way to reduce amount of travel or price it accordingly to make it economical for you. If you think the travel expenses are high then think about the savings you make living in country side.

The important part would be to target your market and do the advertising accordingly. Tie your services with few builders around few areas where it is feasible that way as and when builders get new work they will employ your services. Register your business with local councils and building associations etc.

Don’t be put away by the long commute. It seems long only until you get few clients and once money starts to flow it you don’t mind it.