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I’ve been living in a small country town for just over 15 years now and up until a couple of years ago I worked in the building industry almost exclusively.

The attitude I took is that I spent on average about an hour getting to jobs in the city (I’ll bet it’s more like 2 hours now), so I gave myself a one hour drive radius as my prime service area – you go a lot further in K’s but there’s no traffic lights and no hassles.

Anything over the hours drive I loaded the price a little, more than 1.5 hours I made an allowance to stay overnight.

A more general observation is, that once you get known in a district and if you’re good at what you do, the work will appear … might take a while but the client base tends to stay solid. Country people will tend to shop local if they can, and mainly operate on direct referral. They are also used to paying a slight premium for travel to get the services they want.

By the time I stopped operating exclusively on site I had a network that meant I rarely needed to travel an hour.

Given that a lot of your time will be in your own office (not on site, or with clients), travel should be a smaller issue than a daily commute would be.

I still visit the CBD quite a bit (train) … but driving there is insane if you can avoid it, I have no regrets getting out.