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It all depends really.

When I was in the big corporate wrld I was travelling about and hour and a half each way, every day.

Once I saw the light, and had my tree change, when I started out I would travel anywhere up to 1/2 hour from home, but as the business built up I slowly reduced that down by dropping off the far flung clients. Now all my jobs are within a 15 minute drive from home, and if I can plan my day right, I start 15 minutes from home and by the end of the day i am 5 minutes from home.

I do get the odd client who has asked me to go to their holiday place anywhere up to a couple of hours away, and I have said yes purely because they are good clients, but I insist on a minimum of 8 hours work, and including travel time both way.

I have done a couple of jobs over 3 hours from home, but than I insist on overnight accomodation as well.

Really you need to gauge how far you are willing to go, what the cost of that travel is, can you include it in your quote, oor use other means of communicating with the client.

I know a bookkeeper who has been servicing clients in Northern NSW, and has only visited the site once in about 12 years, when they happened to be passing on holdays. So now a days depending on the job, distance is not as much an issue