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I think you should investigate what broadband/wireless services are like where you are intending to move to, and what access prospective clients would have. If you can do Skype or FaceTime meetings with clients, especially for initial interviews (i.e. have a coffee meeting by Skype/Facetime), then you would alleviate the need for travelling.

However, your prospects would need to have either Skype or FaceTime access themselves.

Recently we had a quote done for an awning (we didn’t go ahead but were very impressed) by a builder specialising in them. He had access to high aerial photos and Google maps etc. He measured everything from his end on his computer without having to travel to us and gave us a quote within the hour with a diagram of proposed item. It was an amazing service.

As for myself, I do have Skype meetings by appointment with some clients interstate or in the city so that we can show each other ideas or to discuss the project at hand.

Perhaps you should be looking along those lines as well. Just thoughts to ponder. Best wishes.