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I’m not sure anyone can give you good advice without knowing how your product is to be sold – will it be long life, or sold in containers for fresh consumption?

No matter what you are going to do, you will have to have all your regulatory stuff up to scratch for this kind of thing, insurance, council permissions, and food certificates.
How will you be bottling? If this takes off bottling in your kitchen will quickly turn into a nightmare and bottling machinery costs the earth. Then there is handling the waste product/grounds and the regulations that come with that.

As long as you have all the above in place it might be a good idea to start off at weekend markets which will give you some experience with customer feedback, finding your ideal market/the people who actually buy your product (which can be different than you think), as well as giving you time to fix the small problems you will get at the start.

Get it all right and start slowly before you look at distributors or it will cost you a lot of money.