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MichaelDigital, post: 211344 wrote:
Hello Dreambig,
interesting venture you have – as a marketing person I would approach this in a multi-pronged fashion. To begin with you need to build brand awareness, and let the right people know about your products. I would firstly let all the health food outlets know, offer samples e.t.c BUT aside from this kind of leg work-based activity I would use the online resources we all have (but often don’t know how to leverage) There are a huge number of health conscious food loving people on Facebook – and yes you can be specific geographically with FB. Also Instagram has a massive user base of 18-34 demographics – you could mount an image based daily campaign of posting relevant images, with offers, details.
But i would definitely set up a Facebook community page, and start posting information, videos, health studies and anything you can think of to interest people in your milks. Using the ‘dark posts’ of Facebook advertising you can limit your spend to as little as $5 a day to gain interest.

Then of course you can build a website, and do all that is necessary to get that noticed – link this to your social media accounts. Presumably you want to gain national, and even international markets?
Let me know if you are interested in any of this, maybe we can do some kind of ‘shark tank’ deal re: marketing.

Hi MichaelDigital, thanks for your reply. I have my own website and socila media accounts. I understand it is a long journey to build up a brand and it`s reputations. The problem I am facing right now is how to sell my prodcuts quickly!

How to get more buyers and secure a sale? Should I get an agent?