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Rowan @ GardenLarder, post: 211358 wrote:
Sounds like you have done your research, but I wouldn’t discount market selling, especially at first. This is where you find out who will buy your product, where you build your selling skills, and most importantly, as I have touched on, where you will be able to find and fix your start-up mistakes while it will not cost much to do so. This is where you get the time and chance to fix the bugs in your marketing information, labeling and advertising materials. Believe me, your marketing materials and designs will be tweaked as you go and you don’t want to spend a lot on signage and then find you want to change some details.

Remember that shopkeepers also visit markets to find out what is coming on the market. I have been approached a number of times by interested parties who want to sell my products that way and it is a good way to meet potential customers in a setting that is informal and comfortable for both.

It can be difficult to attract an agent without some sort of sales record, they get their commission on sales and need to be sure that it is worth having your product info on their books will be cost effective. Understand that they are a business too.

I wish you well in your new adventure.

Big thanks to you Rowan! Are you also in the similar industry? Seems that I really have lots to do on my own before I can approch other parties. I agree I will learn from the experience! It also sounds like a more responsible way to doing business with people too.

When you just started do you go to shops drop flyers / samples in order to get sales? I just haven`t start manufacture yet but I wonder if it is possible to get some pre-orders first without samples?