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Thank you for your comments. i was a bit hesitant in listing my idea incase there was a huge flaw I had missed but I guess this is where you bounce ideas.

In Belgium and NYC I came across a store, Oliviers & Co which I love. They sell olive oil, olive oil based beauty products, vinegars, dukka, accessories such as coasters for olive oil bottles, nice bottles with spouts, bread boards etc and have a cult following. I found this brand is not in Australia currently, but used to be. I got in touch with the store owner who had previous run this store here and they said they still get enquiries about this product and they carry a cult following. Now since I haven’t opened a retail store before I thought it would be best to adapt the idea for online. I got in touch with Oliviers and looked at their prices to run one of their retail stores here and thought it would be too ambitious in the initial stages and to start online first. I am looking to sell similar products online with products sourced from Australia and overseas. looking online there aren’t many places that offer a lot of high end olive oil products from different brands under the same site or accessories. Particularly in Australia.

I am thinking of having subscription boxes featuring different sample size products, recipes and uses for olive oil and news about the industry in addition to selling different olive oils, accessories and similar.