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Kelly Exeter FS Editor
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Hey guys – the website looks fantastic!!

1. One of the very first thing I want a website to tell me when I visit it for the first time is: ‘What is this business about?’ So I love that your logo tells me in the tagline “Payments secured”. And then the first thing I see pop up on the home page is “Safe, simple and secure escrow you can rely on”

2. So now that I can see you are all about safe and secure payments, I love that the overall professionalism of the design combined with the blue colour palette immediately supports this notion of ‘safe and secure’.

3. I love that if I have no idea what ‘escrow’ is … the answer to that is easily accessbile.

4. I love how clear you make the process (Make an offer > secure funds > release when satisfied)

I have only had a very quick look through the website but on the first pass, it really ticks every box for me. It leads me (the new site visitor) on a clear and logical path through the site and the information is presented in a very easy to process manner.

I wish I could give you some kind of ‘I’d suggest tweaking this’ kind of feedback because I know that sometimes ‘It’s great!!’ feedback isn’t all that helpful. But truly – you’ve done an amazing job x