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MatthewKeath, post: 211508 wrote:
I think that is an important quote.

Design is all about enticing people to do something.
Hi Matt,
My point exactly…

Hi Prathamesh,
IMHO, there is a danger that the broad stats about the now ubiquitous mobile phone ownership is swamping your good Internet marketing decisions.

Just because most of us have a mobile phone on us does not mean that we are looking for the same sort of information on it as you may want to deliver to selected types of potential business customers in their offices using desktops or tablets.

The first questions I would ask about your business are:

  • How are you trying to attract potential clients to your site?
  • Where will they be when trying to access your messages?
  • What information will they be trying to access?

Here are some Feb/Mar 2015 mobile phone access numbers for a small sample of business website categories:

Entertainment sites = 52% mobile
Offline retailers = 39% mobile
Alternative medicine clinics = 29% mobile
Finance/Business services = 23% mobile
Catering service = 17%
B2B wholesaler = 11%
Industrial manufacturer = 11%
Web designers = 8%

If you think the potential visitors to your type of business are likely to be searching in their offices and therefore on desktops/laptops, you may find mobile phone users are only around 10% of your audience.

So, should you orient your site design and content priority around desktop or mobile phone? At present, it appears to be totally oriented to phone users.

The referenced article suggests that responsive design is essentially a compromise solution. (I could throw many other references into this discussion.)

My question for you is, which should generate the best returns, a compromise oriented towards desktop/tablet or to a mobile phone design?

PS: I suggest anyone who claims to be interested in mobile website design/development should read this latest Pew research:

1 Apr 15: U.S. Smartphone Use in 2015

It can be viewed as a number of very, very long mobile pages, as a 59 page PDF file or I suggest folk will find it is much easier to read on a desktop.

It also seems to be a good example of the problems of mobile vs desktop pages…