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Hi Mark

Personally, I think each has its own merit. Although it’s really hard to give you specific information (or for others to give) without really knowing much about you, your product or your target audience. Or at least 1 or 2 of those 3.

Trade fairs can be good depending on where, who by, who for, attendance groups of which we aren’t sure as advised above. Although these can be cost inhibitive – $10k+ (plus additional fees to handle your stock or to hang signs wtc such as at Jeffs shed).

Face to face is also awesome, but again depends on your product. Are you wanting to sell to all sizes retailers or mainly the major groups? Only ask this as I think another post mentioned Bunnings? This will have a factor in how successful you can be, also what force do you have behind you? More than one sales person or solo operator? Obviously this will have a huge impact as well.

If you have an established brand and people are looking for YOU, trade shows work unbelievably – but it is leveraging off your exisiting name and product base.

I know I didn’t really give you an answer as such, just food for thought but the more info we have theore the community can advise.


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