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JohnTranter, post: 211706 wrote:
I would suspect that the WordPress site would have had to have been configured really badly. (or you’re using massive images)

This might be true, also the images are exactly the same on both sites, as is the amount of text, menus etc. There is no visual difference between the homepages once they have loaded.

We used a theme called Enfold, and did not install any additional plugins other then what came with the theme. Maybe this is a rather bad theme, also I tried two other themes and had the same problems.
We also had massive spam attacks of bots trying signing up for the blog, that eventually crashed our server and we had to take the site totally down. After getting an email every 2 seconds.

Not an expert on wordpress, who might be able to deal with this, the speed and the difficulty to expand the site with customised solutions. Did not have the time or wanted to learn how to write plug ins and opened in the end to re-develop the sites without wordpress. Now we have relative links that made it much easier to adapt sites to a different domain name, we use includes of small files and no database calls for static pages.

A company I used to work with has just launched their new site with wordpress and it is extremely slow. You have to wait for each page, while a loading animation is displayed, navigation is awkward and buggy and not intuitive at all. Granted that is probably not all caused by wordpress, rather than a poor theme and developers that do not know what they are doing. The site does not have meaningful titles or metatags, either, was down two days and two weeks later still is not working completely.

Our experience has been a bad one with wordpress and just sending out a warning to consider the usage of a template carefully. It still might be a good choice if you know what you are doing, be able to write your own plus ins etc

Still think any speed test between the same site running wordpress and a plain html would be won by the plain html site.