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Irina, welcome.

An interesting topic, and good timing as i just recieved my Super statements and am about to embark on my regular thinking session on what to do with them,

Just a query on your last point, in the case of Industry super funds the actual administartion fee is low, and as such if it is included or not included really wouldnt make a huge difference, or am I understanding that wrong.

Also, My understanding is that there is a Break even point (or a point of no benefit i suppose), as which there is really no use in running your own SMSF. I guess my understanding is that with all of the compliance and reporting fee’s, accountants fee’s and whatever else, the benefit of running you own is lost and actually a negative if your funds are below a certain limit. Can you give some guidance on an approximate for this limit, I realise it is a movable number but there is abvoisly an approximate ceiling somewhere.

One last one that has sprung to mind, you say there is better options for investing in real property, but arent there still very tight guidelines on the property which you can invest in.