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ThexArm, post: 211454 wrote:
I am not sure for the reasons why you have disclosed the numbers. If I were you I would be very careful with money. Find some good financial planner who can suggest you the right strategies to grow it for your retirement. Protect it from vultures.

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Potentially staged first time poster, must say I thought disclosure of $$$ was odd in an open forum. Talking about financial planners, if an help you with a list of the most awesome financial planners – and I dot even get a kick back :) Lol

When recruiting an FP, may I suggest you look extremely diligently. Ask friends and family who they use or have heard from, ask them about there own investment strategies and if someone is recommending one out of the blue always question why? The industry runs in referrals, some that are financial and require disclosure and some are back room referrals. Just saying.

Good luck

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