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srex, post: 211470 wrote:
Hi guys, long term reader, first time poster :)

I’m looking to create a WordPress website for my small business. The website would consist of ~ 15 pages (everything from About Us to T&Cs) and a landing page where visitors can book my services and make a payment.

I want to do everything from scratch including code, logo, branding, social media, and the booking form (I may use Gravity Forms if I’m able to customize it for my needs) which I plan to integrate with Stripe.

My plan is to hire freelancers from Elance.

Now the question is, where do I start? Who do I need to hire first? Web developer, web designer, branding expert, marketing/SEO expert? Hire them at the same time to work together?

What questions do I need to ask them? How do I check if they are doing their job when I don’t have programming or SEO experience?

I don’t have a budget but I was thinking 5k would suffice. What do you think?

Thanks for the help in advance!$5 should be ok, but of course it depends on your needs.

The first thing you need is a plan. What do you want to achieve? What will your site look like? What skills do you need to get it done?

Second, you need to actually start getting it done. The planning stage dictates what you need and when you need to engage a professional.

From experience, unless you do step one really really well, elance will be a struggle. Generally elance is where you do if you want something really specific. The big picture is something you (or someone) needs to be in control of.

Outsourcing web dev without clear planning to off shore is fraught with danger.

By your question, it may be better to find a local agency that can help with the planning.

More than welcome to have a chat if you like.