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Tracey G
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Hi srex,

You will need a strategy and a clear idea of the following things:

  • Your target customers (create one or two customer profiles)
  • The key purpose of the site (you may already have this sorted i.e. having a landing page to book services)
  • A marketing plan (and how online marketing fits into your marketing plan e.g. social media, blogging)

There are plenty of strategies you could take. Here’s one suggestion:

  1. Organise the web hosting and your business domain (web address) then create a temporary landing page to provide contact details and perhaps collect email addresses for a mailing list or to register interest in your products/services;
  2. Get your branding/logo done;
  3. Create social media accounts and start putting your social media plan into action (you can do this before the branding is ready if you prefer);
  4. Use the traffic to your landing page and your interactions on social media to supplement your research into your target customers;
  5. Use your research on target customers to influence the website features and design. Talk to your designer and developer to guide you;
  6. Get the website designed, built and launched.

Where you source a designer and developer is up to you. However I agree that you may find it easier working with local providers.