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Kelly Exeter FS Editor
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Hi Srex

I will agree with the others who have mentioned that you might be best off going with a local agency. Trying to coordinate everything you want to do via Elance will be an absolute nightmare and will end up costing you so much money (both time = money and money = money) because to work best with Elancers you need to know exactly what you want and be able to articulate that very, very clearly. Then you will also need to have the time to work through a few people not doing the job you want them to do despite having articulated your needs really clearly.

From what you have written so far, I think you are in the position of ‘you don’t know what you don’t know.’ Which is why working with a local agency who can fill in all the gaps you don’t realise you have in your brief is going to save you big time in the long term.