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I would suggest getting a local agency for most of the work, where you can meet face to face to figure things once and for all. I am saying this because I have went down the same route you are trying to do, and I have certainly some experience to share.

These offshore freelancers, while they are cheap, but it’s very difficult talking to
them due to the time-difference, sometimes language difference. You might find yourself staying up late at night like 10-11 pm in order to Skype with them.

For example,

Logo and branding, I tried using Fiverr for a logo, tried 5 designers, wasted 100++ dollars and couldn’t find anything to work. (Some were so horrible) In the end, I went to Etsy, found something that is similar to what I want, and ask for some slight customization for my logo. (6 weeks of time wasted)

Branding: The only good thing that happened to me. I went to Behance, found her work that I liked, and ask her to create something similar. She is Hungary-based, but she respond to emails promptly, and she have great initiative and knows what will work. I usually do not need to say too much, and she can create something magical. She is also very generous with her work, she will give you all the drafts and won’t charge anything for small changes. She showed me 11 versions of a ‘Thank you’ card! It’s also turns out her work is highly pinned on Pinterest and is published in an international branding book. But her rates are super reasonable, paid around 600 for the whole lot. If you want to know her contact, I can refer you.

One bad experience from a local Brissy branding agency (his office is cluttered with cheap old flat pack furniture) and I asked him for a simple job of changing my mobile phone details on a name card file. He said it would take $90 to dig out my old archives, make the change, and save it. I cannot imagine the rip-off for a small business like mine.

Web development: Never try it. It’s a logistic nightmare. (Fix part A and Part B went wrong, and too many emails and Skype conversations at night. I tried using a Melbourne-based freelancer, but I have still have to depend on Skype and emails. I stopped working with him, after he came up with some ridiculous excuses for not doing my job.

I am still looking for a Brisbane-based web developer that I can meet up to finish up the job. I have also started learning some basic WordPress, to change text and add pictures (to reduce costs, and time communicating)

I hope my experience (all good and bad) can help you see what you might experience down the track.

Good luck.