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3ntr3pr3n3ur, post: 211502 wrote:
HarryLuke (if that’s your real name),

Sounds like you’re looking for alternate revenue streams for your logistics business… Am I close?

If so, to narrow the focus of the audience (and the opportunity for you to get the advice you want), can you advise:
– The type of transport within your current fleet?
– The number of vehicles within your current fleet?
– Do you have capital to invest in altering either of the above?



Hey Alan

Hope you have been well mate, think you may have quoted me although where meant to quote GSanders12 :confused: (used confused icon for fun)..

Taking the assumption that its not me and the OP you are questioning, i think i recall seeing OP mention was looking to introduce a local same day delivery service in his/her area and this may be the driving force behind the question they have asked… Again, i go back to my original comment that almost any business with REAL/TANGIBLE products would be in this bundle.. If i am incorrect or there is something more specific, such as perishables or must have same day service etc, would be handy to know..


If the reply was in fact intended for moi, my name is Jason and i tend to sign it off as merrily and freely as i provide advice or comments or input on this splendid open forum for all to benefit from. Be it taken with a grain of slat, or gratitude. My post was merely trying to point out that the OP’s question was an extremely wide casting net being thrown into a rather large sea with endless possibilities. And ps Alan, you may also know me as SimplyReplica ;)

Its such an open area and open ended question, so more input would be tremendous so that the rest of the crew in here can try and assist in identifying potential targets for you..

Be well everyone..


ps.. Thanks Bala :)

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