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Interesting post Aquarious, And I agree there are definitely things that a template cant just be used, and all is ok.

But I am very interested that your post heading and some of the text points towards google. Google is only the search tool used by people to find the websites, if it isnt google it will be Bing, or I have even seen posts on this forum saying go to XYZ.com and find a template at that location. Does that make it Flying solo’s fault that people use these templates. No, it is up to everyone to review there own position, and seek advise.

People have car accidents, because of there actions, so do wee all blame the car manufacturer, because the driver was looking at there telephone instead of the road. I suppose in that case is it the car manufacturer or the mobile phone manufacturers fault. Or is it just the idiot behind the wheel, but we will blame evryone else.

But don’t point the problem at google, at the end of the day we all need to take responsibility for our own actions..