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A logo redraw! That’s all I wanted! And not for an ultra cheap price but a fair one! And they supply AI files AND give you copyright!

In three of my quotes I was given the terms and conditions which clearly stated that I would not receive AI files and that ownership would be retained by the business.

(“All original and editable artwork will be retained by the business. These files are not available for clients to make any personal modifications themselves.”)

Even though the design was mine. When I queried this on one, I was told that when they vectorised the design it became theirs. Er…no.

On another there was this: “Once the client has accepted the final design, any future modifications will only be carried out by [the graphic designer] and will incur additional fees..” This isn’t a service, it’s an indenture.

If anything, this exercise has taught me a lot about how to protect my own work and to read the fine print.

Thanks heaps, Dave! xxx