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Jason Ramage
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Its an intriguing question and to second Berts thoughts, i am not sure why you need to place your bank details on a quote? especially one that is online?

You appear to be involved in webs, i assume by your name as this seems to be your first post, so may be exposed to fraudulent activities – would this be correct?

Intelligent fraudsters of today will work on a potential pay off over several months, with one of the main pieces of information required being your account numbers. Lets say you put your bank details on the web (for the world to see just not locally) and a scammer gets it, all they then need to acquire is your name as a director (if not already listed on the site), your address, your numbers, your abn/acn (freely available) and can begin to create fake identities.. Fake business cards, fake cheques, approach the bank in question requesting balances, withdrawals etc – its a far fetched example although the lengths that some scams take are extraordinary and the least information that is publicly available the better…

Just my thoughts, i am normally abnormal so please feel free to digest or not.

Also, as its your first post why dont you pop in to the intro yourself thread and officially say Gday?


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