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That didn’t sound like a prudent financial advise.

I don’t know your complete circumstances so my advise is very general in nature.

There are couple of things that are positive in your business. 1, You have created good reputation in your area. 2, Both of you are committed in the business. So, if the income is not very good then what else can you do with your time to generate additional source of income? Since you have s good reputation, do you think you guys can add some other service? Just think outside the square. May be mowing or cleaning??? You together there are about 70 odd working hours per week. Even if you take out 10 to 15 hours for travelling and other there are still about 55 billable hours. If you can use these hours effectively then you may get additional income to pay off your debts sooner. By having another source of income you don’t have to only depend on plumbing when there is less demand for that work.

Just something to think about.

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