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Jason Ramage
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Hi Mark

There sure is, its something we offer and many others… Its a service called 3PL (third part logistics) and handles incoming stock, stock movements, orders etc etc.. Pretty much anything you can imagine required to operate an online, or real world, business.

The factors involved will all come down to things like how much space you need, how often movements occur, if you have a geographical preference on location etc etc and this will also drive who you may need to speak with as each offering tends to be tailored to each client.

Some 3PL’s are courier firms merely offsetting there core business with warehousing offerings and others are more boutique and work with their clients to understand the business and products they are managing (this is more our category).

It is actually a fairly confusing area for lots of people wanting or considering the move to 3PL from home or a smaller operation. Its compounded by the fact that the way in which the services of said companies also present there pricing structures with some hiding costs, some showing every single cost and others just adding charges to your weekly bills without justification.

These services can cater for your online sales direct to consumer as well as wholesale, so dont think you have to separate – unless you want to. One key thing is to not look at them as a ‘middleman’ as when you combine with a decent 3PL you should be looking for a partner that wants to help you grow by providing a service and delivering in a fashion as if they were within your business – fundamental, and yet hard to achieve with some suppliers :(

Happy to help with more knowledge if you require more insight, little hard to hit it all in a reply here, but give it a shot if you have time :)


ps.. as you know i am happy to help out as i am pretty sure i have hit reply on a few of your posts already and its now coming together why you are asking what you have about hitting the big retailers etc with product offering.. AWESOME!

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