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FS Administrator, post: 211573 wrote:
Hi guys,

Not before time, we’re pleased to report that we have a brand new website (including forum) in the wings. It’s currently idling on the runway with clearance for take off in a few short weeks.

So what’s new?

  • A greatly improved focus on you, our lovely members – to help you connect with each other and find the support and help you need.
  • A responsive design that is mobile and tablet friendly – and yes, that includes the forums. Yeehah!
  • Talking of forums, we have a new platform that’s faster, easier to use and did we mention, mobile friendly?
  • A redesigned member directory with many new features and added functionality.
  • Restructured navigation and content structure making it easier to see what’s new and popular.
  • A new commenting system making it far easier to get involved across the site and your favourite social networks
  • Generally faster, cleaner, simpler, tastier, betterer!

Your forum posts, history and profiles etc will come across to the new system. There may well be some wet paint and niggles as we settle in, but rest-assured the FS crew will be roaming the corridors with torches for anyone that gets lost.

LAUNCH DATE: To be announced very soon. No, really.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview…


Peter and the FS teamCan’t wait!