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Thank you everyone for your replies. Sorry I was MIA as we had visitors and I was away. I’m still in negotiation with the factory and yes we will not release the rest of the payment (70%) until we are happy with the goods. The factory just finished the 2nd round of QC and have also countered offer that we keep 10% of the payment and release that to them (minus defect found once goods are here) after 6 months when goods arriving here. That is only that we do not proceed with the reinspection as they are afraid that there is a good possibility of them not passing the 2nd inspection due to the strictness of the inspector. I do not think it is a good offer as I do not want to risk ruining the brand by sending our customers defects bags and that we should proceed with the 2nd inspection. I want to see what you all think of this.

I have to add though that I don’t think the inspection team are as overly strict as the factory claimed. The details of defects found were clearly stated in a report with pictures. They would be the defects that we would have picked up if we were to send our own staff there to inspect the bags. I pointed this out to the factory many times.

Johnny, when did you do the nappy/baby bags order, did you do an inspection on the lot? 160 pcs defect out of 500 pcs was a lot!