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Jason Ramage
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lfc2k14, post: 211754 wrote:
Hi there,

Been using clickandsend for the past 6 months. Finally got to the stage where I was sending about 100 parcels a month to qualify for AusPost eParcel.

Man o’ man was I disappointed with the rates quoted by the eParcel sales rep. Most of my packages are under 500 grams and fit in a 33cm x 22cm small flat-rate satchel from AusPost.

From the sales rep himself, he said it would cost $13.14 to send a similar item from Sydney to Melbourne (Parcel Post, without signature on delivery). 82% more than what I’m paying now with clickandsend.

Isn’t eparcel meant to save my business money? Anyone ideas?

Volume Volume Volume :)

Click and Send was primarily created for eBay and can deliver awesome prices based on eBay’s negotiated rates.. I think, from memory and past looking into this, that the 2 are tied together from a ‘negotiated’ price perspective.

eParcel has been discussed on here lots, if you search for it in the forum, and always comes out cheaper for those using the volume.

Hard to provide much more information without volume proposition though :)

Be well and welcome to the forums.


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