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redleaftea, post: 212061 wrote:
Again I think you should speak to a different agent regarding the under 500g rate as I can assure you it is a fixed price for virtually any size parcel to anywhere in Australia (it makes up the vast majority of my business and if I was having to pay variable rates on it I doubt it would even be viable for me to operate)

You won’t find a better rate for light packages with anyone unless all of your business is between Melbourne and Sydney.
Australia Post is required to provide a regular mail service to everyone so light parcels can piggyback on that existing delivery network while any courier company is going to have to go out of their way and spend a great deal to get parcels to remote areas.

Japan Post purchased Toll earlier this year so it’s possible they will look to provide a direct competitor for AP in future.

Hmmm ok I’ll give it a shot. I’ll reference that I know “some others” that have parcels under 500 grams as a flat rate. Thanks for the info!

There needs to be more competition. I do think that Australia Post needs to be privatized. There’s so much inefficiency within that company!