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Danielle Murdoch
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FS Forum Support, post: 211806 wrote:
Hi Dave,

Your advertising might have been unprofitable, but not a waste of time.

You’ve learnt a lot about your market and ideal customers, and where they don’t hang out. The trial and error approach to different advertising channels may be disheartening, but think of yourself as a gold miner looking for that seam of gold. If you can find one channel that works, it could be a channel that you can really double down on to grow your business.

So I’d keep testing different approaches with small amounts of money until you find that sweet spot.

Good luck!


Hi Dave,

Dave is 100% correct, you need to keep trying different things and learning about your customers and where they come from. Then apply what you have learn to your next round of advertising.

Advertising isnt a once off trick which you can keep on applying – your company grows and develops, why should you expect your potential customers to stay the same?

Best of luck!