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I use

Direct Mail to potential customers
Direct Mail to potential referrers

Radio Advertising


And continue to spend more and more on this as we track every lead and new client. Trial different things and if they don’t work we ditch them. Adwords this week has been my most expensive ever spend but have nearly hit 10x revenue v spend.

Things that haven’t worked for me




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The problem is with some of the mediums though is that you need to spend a lot to try them out and when you are starting out and can be either impossible or just hurt too much if it doesn’t work. Radio ads are a great example. If you haven’t got around $5k a month then you can’t get a decent run on even the cheapest of commercial stations (not community stations). Advertising on a top FM station in Brisbane is about $15k a month for a decent run.

Adwords is great but you need to get it targeted and make sure you have plenty of negative key words. You can start smallish with a budget on these, aim to come in around 3rd place (top of the right column ads) and they can be affordable. But you might need to start with long chain key phrases as broad ones can be dear. At peak times I can have to pay $27 a click for Conveyancing Brisbane and even now at the quieter time of year still have to pay $15-$20 a click.

Advertising to me is not an expense when it is tracked and you can show that it delivers a positive return (as in your PROFIT exceeds the spend by a significant enough amount to make the time and hassle of advertising worth it). I am a huge believer in setting yourself monthly budgets with advertising and marketing as a percentage of your turnover (what that percentage may be varies greatly between industries and what you want to achieve). Early on the percentage should be much higher than it is later to help you grow (assuming you can still afford to eat). But as you grow you need to keep a decent percentage and keep spending it.